Think Positive and Get Fit

Your mindset plays a big role when it comes to getting and staying fit.

In the same way that an app on your phone is limited by the functions that have been programmed into it, your body is limited by the messages sent by your mind.

If you have the goal of changing your body for the better by dropping pounds and increasing your muscle tone, the first thing to do is to begin with your mindset. It’s a step that far too many well-meaning folks skip in their
quest for an improved, healthier body. In my honest opinion, it’s the reason 90% of people are unsuccessful in their quest to lose weight and keep it off. I always tell my clients that my main job is to motivate them. If you’re motivated your going to do things you don’t want to do.

Example: Turn down the cheeseburger and eat the chicken, wake up an hour early to workout, spend extra money on healthy food.

If you truly want to adapt to a healthier lifestyle fitness and nutrition have to become a priority, not an option that you fit in when you have time. If you can change your mindset and stay motivated on a daily basis you will no longer suffer from the roller coaster effects of losing weight and then gaining it right back. You will lose weight, and because of the lifestyle adjustments you’ve made through your daily discipline and actions you will sustain those results long term.

My experience has led me to observe that my successful clients who experience the best transformations are the ones that abide by the following Positive Mindset Habits.

1) Positive Mindset Habit #1: Stop Beating Yourself Up

Most of us compare where we are today with where we ultimately want to be.

If you’re a size 18 with the goal of one day being a size 6, what runs through your mind when you look in the mirror?

With a positive mindset you would look in the mirror and notice the
improvements and progress that you’ve made towards your ultimate goal, no matter how subtle.

With a negative mindset you would look in the mirror and only see the gap between what you are today and what you ultimately want to be, and you’d beat yourself up about it.

To be successful with your body transformation, focus on positive improvements and every small step towards your bigger goal. Take it one day at a time. Your main focus should be checking the boxes off the list each
day, so that when you lay your head on the pillow at night you know that you’ve done everything you could do to achieve your goals. Then wake up the next day and do it over again. Nothing worth having is every accomplished in a day, have patients and trust the process.

2) Positive Mindset Habit #2: Do not EVER consider what others think of You

Focus on your journey and don’t let others influence you to stray off course.

This small mental shift makes a huge difference when it comes to getting results.

Maintain your focus and energy on your daily fitness goals and resist the urge to compare your progress with others. Do not attempt to decipher what others are thinking about you, because the only opinion about you that really matters is your own.

3) Positive Mindset Habit #3: ONLY Think Positive Thoughts About Yourself

Nothing good ever comes from thinking poorly of yourself. I simply can’t emphasize this point enough: Negative self-talk is one of the reasons that most attempts at weight loss fail.

On the flip side, those who make a daily practice of positive self-talk, by encouraging themselves and focusing on every small step made towards their goal, see incredible results.

Keeping a positive attitude about yourself will not only help you lose the weight, it also helps you to keep it off in the long run.

Remember your happiness is choice. Choose to see the positive in everything and enjoy life.

Exercise is a huge part of the equation when it comes to achieving a lean defined physique. Dieting will help you lose weight, lifting weights will ensure that you have muscle definition when the body fat disappears.

I am passionate about seeing my clients achieve results-by creating a program that fits their lifestyle and preferences.

If you would like assistance in your weight loss journey please feel free to call or email me today, and we will get you started on the exercise program that is right for you.

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