Hey there!

Austyn here from Affronti Fitness. First off, I want to thank you for your continuous support and belief in Affronti Fitness and the content we put out. I hope that each and every week we add a little bit of value to your life through our healthy recipes and newsletters. As a token of my appreciation, I’m running a referral contest, and the only people that are allowed to enter are my loyal Newsletter supporters, which means YOU!

I’m very excited to tell you about this contest I’m running as the prizes are pretty freaking awesome!

Winning the contest is simple, whoever sends us the most referrals, wins 🙂

So here’s how it works.

* You must refer at least 3 people to qualify.
* Referrals only count if the person you refer signs up for a training package (promotional offers do not count.)
* Referrals must be new clients only.
* If you sign up and you’re a new client, you can count yourself as 1 out of your 3 referrals.
* Each individual training package purchased by a new client will count as 1 referral.
* If two people sign up together for a partner training package that will only count as 1 referral.
* Your referral must notify us that they were referred by you up front. If we meet with them and then they tell us later on it will not count as a referral from you.
* You will have from September 4’th 2018 to September 30’th 2018 to submit your referrals. As of October 1’st, no more referrals will be excepted.
* All of your referrals will have until October 5’th to sign up for a training package.
* We will announce the winner on October 6’th.
* In the event of a tie, we will add up the total number of sessions purchased by each of the contestant’s referrals and whoever’s referrals purchased the most amount of sessions will win the contest.
* If the total number of sessions purchased is a tie, Austyn will award 2 winners and give both of the contestants the prize of their choice.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email, text, or call me 🙂

Wait, I almost forgot to tell you what your prizes are! The winner of the Affronti Fitness Referral contest will have their choice between these 4 amazing prizes.

Make sure you click display images in your setting above to view the prizes!

Scroll down to see what you can win!!!

A Brand New Fit Bit Watch!

A Brand New Apple Watch!

A Brand New Set Of Apple Airpods!

$300 CASH!!

Good Luck, and thanks again for your support!