Hopefully, you enjoyed your Holiday weekend. Not sure about you, but I can’t wait to get my butt back in the gym as I feel like a stuffed turkey after all the food I ate this weekend. I like to let loose and enjoy myself during the holidays, and then kick it into high gear when I return to the gym.

If you’re interested in dropping some of that extra holiday weight, I’ve got you covered! I’ve created a program that’s specifically designed for the holiday season, and best of all, it’s ON SALE! I’m sure you’ve heard about our brand new program Get Fit With Holiday HIIT by now. There’s been a lot of buzz around town as our clients are receiving amazing results!

The secret behind this program is the holiday weight loss book that’s packed with nutritional hacks that allow you to enjoy your holiday festivities, indulge in holiday desserts, and still lose weight in the process! This book is loaded with fitness tips and nutritional protocols for you to follow that will help you manipulate your calories in a way that will allow you to overindulge without reaping the negative side effects. Now I’m not saying that you can eat donuts every day all day and still lose weight, but what I am saying is that you can learn how to establish balance within your nutrition that will allow you to enjoy yourself while keeping your health in mind.

Since it’s Cyber Monday, I’ve decided to offer up a great deal with this program. I’d have to say that this deal is even better than the deal I offered on Black Friday, as this one involves FREE TRAINING!

I’m sure you’re thinking, won’t he just get to the point already and tell us about the sale!

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Here it is!

For the next 24 HOURS ONLY if you purchase 3 months of the Holiday HIIT program up front you will receive an additional 6 weeks of training ABSOLUTELY FREE! That’s 4 1/2 months of training for the price of 3! 4 1/2 months is enough time to make a massive transformation and get on track with your fitness goals once and for all!

Holiday HIIT comes with up to 3 workouts per week @ Affronti Fitness with a personal trainer, an at-home workout plan, weekly healthy holiday recipes, and an amazing holiday weight loss book, all for the price of $300 per month. If you take advantage of this offer and purchase 3 months of Holiday HIIT you can receive up to 54 Personal Training Sessions, along with your weight loss book and at-home workout plan. This is one heck of a deal, so take advantage of it!

All you have to do to get this amazing offer is click the link below and sign up.


Remember, this has to be done today or you will miss out on this one time only offer. Hopefully the next time I see you will be at your first session!

Have a great day 🙂