“My approach to training is a bit different than most. I try to connect with each individual client on an emotional level right from the start, as I want them to know that we’re in this journey together. 

My goal each and every day is to help clients gain control of their mental state by encouraging them, preaching positivity, and guiding them through whatever obstacles they may be facing. I feel that if I can help a client feel better on both a mental and physical level when they walk out of Affronti Fitness than they did when they walked in, they’re much more likely to stick to their goals for the remainder of their week. Success is earned both in and outside of the gym, and that is why I try to give my clientele support in both areas. 

I know the gym can be scary place, and at times, you feel like you’re putting your insecurities on the table in front a bunch of strangers. That is why I do my absolute best make sure that every client at Affronti Fitness feels welcome and comfortable at all times. I complete a private consultation with each client before we begin working together in efforts to ensure that they’re comfortable working with me, and with Affronti Fitness.

I’m here to give you what you’re looking for, not what I think you need. I design each clients plan to fit their specific goals and it is completely customizable throughout the entire program.

I would love an opportunity to speak with you, earn your trust, and help you create a lifestyle that enhances your quality of living for the rest of your life.”