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Helping people become the most capable versions of themselves! 

Fallon is a certified personal trainer with NASM, and her expertise lies in but is not limited to, Strength Training and Powerlifting. She is also highly attuned to functional training, both as a practitioner herself and as a qualified professional.


Her knowledge spans nutrition planning, endurance training, muscle building, and general lifestyle improvements.

Moreover, Fallon's journey in health and fitness isn't just professional; it's deeply personal. She understands the challenges of starting from scratch, having once faced excess body fat, poor nutrition, and no exercise experience herself.


Through preparation and determination, she overcame these hurdles to transform into the person she is today.

As an avid health and fitness enthusiast, Fallon continuously expands her knowledge and skills to better serve her clients and peers.


Her approach revolves around tailoring training plans to individual needs and goals, providing constructive feedback, and offering unwavering encouragement. Fallon is genuinely committed to your success and will be your dedicated partner every step of the way."

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