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​​Hello, my name is Luciano Capitano.


Prior to starting my fitness journey, I lacked confidence, social skills, and honestly felt a bit lost in the world. I found fitness, and it completely changed my life. The confidence I gained from my journey, made every interaction I had more fulfilling and enjoyable. 


Like most others, I started exercising to improve my looks and impress others. This shortly manifested into something much greater than vanity. I started to gain mental clarity, confidence, belief in myself, and most importantly, I felt a surge in energy levels and my overall happiness.


After receiving these unexpected benefits, I knew I had to share these values with others. As I began to help friends and family acclimate to a healthier lifestyle, I realized this is my true passion. I’m here to serve others, and help enhance lives in my community.


Why trust me?


For years, I’ve been studying fitness, nutrition, and coaching. I've worked with a variety of different clientele such as mothers, students, lawyers, retirees, and entrepreneurs. The goal is to achieve sustainable progress while making the process fun and enjoyable. 

The “fitness lifestyle” should never take over your life. It should be used as a tool to enhance your life.


I’d love to help you incorporate a fitness plan into your lifestyle, no matter what your goals are. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I look forward to meeting you.​



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