Teaching healthier, holistic lifestyle changes.


I became heavily invested in exercise and nutrition during my years at Niagara Community College. At first, I was doing these things to improve my athletic performance on the baseball field. As my performance improved, I noticed remarkable results in other areas of my life. I had consistent energy throughout the day, my sleep improved, and my anxiety dwindled.


Most importantly, I felt in complete control of my confidence and overall quality of life. I was so impressed with these life changes that after graduating from NCC, I changed my major to Kinesiology and transitioned to Suny Brockport, where I received a Bachelor’s Degree.

I felt I had ignited a passion I didn’t know was there. I became fascinated with the human body. So much so that I continued my research after graduating.


During that time, I learned how much additional information is available outside of what they teach in college courses. Information that teaches you how to master your psychology and physiology holistically. Based on my continued research, I feel that it adds an additional layer of expertise that transcends into the unique training programs I offer my clientele.


Training programs that don’t just aid in exercise and nutrition, but all areas of life. Affronti Fitness is the perfect home for me because they help clients adapt to healthier, holistic lifestyle changes inside and outside the gym.