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Teaching healthier, holistic lifestyle changes.

Michael finds great satisfaction in helping his clients adopt a more wholesome and comprehensive approach to training that benefits all areas of their lives. His passion for exercise and nutrition began during his time at Niagara Community College, where he initially pursued these endeavors to enhance his athletic performance on the baseball field. However, as he began to see positive changes in other aspects of his life, such as increased energy, better sleep, and reduced anxiety, he became increasingly invested in this holistic approach.


This newfound passion led him to switch his major to Kinesiology and obtain a Bachelor's degree from Suny Brockport. His fascination with the human body and its intricacies only grew from there as he delved deeper into research that revealed a wealth of information beyond what is typically taught in college courses. Michael believes this additional knowledge allows him to provide his clients with a unique level of expertise, considering the psychological and physiological aspects of their overall health and well-being.


Michael's training programs go beyond exercise and nutrition, aiming to improve all areas of his clients' lives. This is why he feels at home at Affronti Fitness, which shares his commitment to promoting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. By incorporating holistic training techniques, Michael helps his clients achieve their goals in a sustainable and empowering way.

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