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Steve Ross

"I feel that we are all different, created for a specific and special purpose. After 25 years of shift work environments, I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Colorado Christian University. It was through my learning at CCU that helped me understand my purpose and meaning in life: There is one thing that we are all specifically designed to do, a calling that we need to satisfy. I believe that my purpose, that my design, is to lead YOU to your health & fitness goals and reinforce YOUR value and meaning in life.


Like others, I once struggled with obesity and was the subject of bullies. Poor self-confidence and self-image kind of tagged along. In 1994 I joined the US Marines and low self-confidence was no longer a problem; weight training and exercise helped me overcome my struggle with obesity and the other issues that were associated with it. From there, I had to learn how to be very creative with my fitness routines and meal planning given my field of work (corrections) and duties as a husband and father. Those duties are 24/7; they never sleep!

2020 ushers in my 45th year, and with it, a new challenge: To recreate myself as a valued and loved personal trainer. Gym environments never get old to me. I do not and will not grow tired of training, and I will not quit on you! I believe in you, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity of working with you!"

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