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Believe in Yourself

Affronti Fitness

Fitness & Health Training in Rochester, NY

Check out our client results and online reviews of our health and fitness training workouts. See why our training clients recommend Affronti Fitness in Rochester, NY.  And, see the great results our clients had below!

Making a Positive Impact


Rochester NY's Best Gym

Affronti Fitness is a gym in Rochester, NY, for everyday people who want to learn about healthier lifestyles. We're a community and everyone is welcome! Come on in for information, inspiration, friendship, and support.


You’ll find highly motivational trainers, supportive nutritional strategies, direction on how to take care of your mind, and expert tips on how to lose weight and take this time to create sustainable healthy lifestyle strategies both in and out of the gym. So, why not make exercise flat-out fun? It’s easy to do at our training and exercise studio using the latest cardio and strength equipment.


Real people, real fitness results


David K - Pittsford, NY

"This is a fantastic gym!! All the trainers are super nice and take an interest in you no matter what fitness level you’re at. I’ve been going for a little bit and am already seeing a big change in my energy levels and body.."

Fitness Class

Bradley - Webster, NY

"Affronti Fitness provides a great atmosphere and trainers. My trainer, Steve, tailored a custom workout plan for me and has a challenging workout ready each day when I arrive. My strength and endurance increased over time without me even noticing. Steve's knowledge and encouragement keeps me going each day. I highly recommend him!"

Fitness Team

Yasmin - Rochester, NY

 "Since starting on my fitness journey with Affronti Fitness, I have become healthier, more fit, and more resilient. Perhaps I'm giving away my age, but one of the things I love most about training with Affronti Fitness is the Cheers vibe!"

Believe in yourself


The Affronti Fitness philosophy is founded on the four elements of a healthy lifestyle. It involves making small, sustainable changes to how you Think, Move, Eat and Connect.


You can make those changes. We won’t aim for perfection or an overnight weight loss transformation but for gradual, sustainable change leading to your desired health and fitness lifestyle.

Visit our fitness training center and gym in Rochester, NY, today!

Affronti Fitness Mission Statement

Fueled by a heartfelt passion to cultivate a positive and uplifting community, we offer personalized coaching that prioritizes the unique needs of our members, empowering them to cultivate sustainable holistic habits that enrich their quality of life.

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Affronti Fitness

Ultra private gym and personal training sessions, customized weight loss plans, and nutritional counseling for men, women, and children in Rochester, NY in a judgement free zone. 


We supply you with the knowledge and support needed to ensure a successful transition into a healthier lifestyle. We aim for long-term success, not short-term results. Please stop in to our gym and learn why we are known as the Rochester personal training experts. 

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Affronti Fitness

3300 Monroe Avenue

Rochester, NY 14618


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