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Austyn Affronti

Meet The Founder and President of Affronti Fitness

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A Personalized Approach to Your Fitness Journey

Austyn Affronti, the heart and soul behind Affronti Fitness, stands out with his unique approach to training. He believes in forming an emotional connection with each client, understanding that the journey to a healthy lifestyle is a shared one. Austyn's primary goal is to empower clients to take control of their mental and physical well-being, ensuring they leave Affronti Fitness feeling better after each session.

Beyond the Gym: A Holistic Support System

Austyn recognizes that success in fitness is achieved both inside and outside the gym. He is committed to providing support in all aspects of his clients' lives, understanding that the gym can sometimes feel intimidating. To combat this, Austyn ensures a welcoming and comfortable environment at Affronti Fitness. He conducts private consultations with each client, tailoring programs to their individual needs and goals.

Your Fitness Journey with Austyn

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