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The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Program

Education. Motivation. Accountability. These are the three main reasons people struggle with weight loss. Watch the video above to learn more about our 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Program! This includes 4 in-house training sessions,  a daily workout plan of action, meal plans, a healthy food source guide and more! Get it now for $199.00 below.

If you’re looking to get active and lose weight, come to Affronti Fitness! Located in Rochester, NY, we offer a variety of personal training programs and boxing classes to customers of all ages throughout Rochester, Pittsford and the surrounding cities. From custom meal plans to strike-based cardio training, you’ll be able to find the right fitness program for you so you can look and feel great!

We Offer

Personal Training

Personal Training

One of our fitness instructors will work with you to create a personalized fitness plan that helps you reach your fitness goals and stay active. Our personal training program also includes a monthly fitness test so you can feel the results of your hard work.



Have fun and get fit at our weekly boxing classes! Available to everyone ages 8 and up at all skill levels, these classes give you the fun and workout of a boxing match without all the competitiveness. Not only will you get a good cardio workout, but you’ll also learn a new sport along the way.

At Affronti, it’s not just about losing weight; it’s about keeping it off and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s why our fitness programs are customizable to account for your level of fitness, goals and medical conditions. Our personal trainers have years of combined experience with creating personalized fitness programs for people of all ages, so you can rest assured your health will be in good hands.

To schedule a training session, call 585-880-7179 today!

Meet Our Owner

Austyn Affronti

Austyn Affronti

Austyn is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who is committed to helping members of the local community lead healthy and active lifestyles. His professional credentials allow him to help customers get in shape and stay in shape by creating optimal fitness and nutrition plans. In addition, Austyn maintains strict discipline when it comes to his own fitness regimen to show his dedication to his work.