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‼️ Check This Girl Out ‼️

Haley’s transformation is one of my favorites because she is a great example of what a real weight loss journey looks like.

Haley has had many ups and down over the past 6 months. Days where she would come in at her lowest weight ever, followed by days where she slipped up and gained 5-10 pounds back. This is how weight loss works. You have good days and bad. But as long as you’re following the right plan and you have support in your corner, you can overcome. You just have to tell yourself that you’re going to keep going until you’re done, regardless of how many slip ups you may have.

This past week sets a major milestone for Haley as she broke into the 100’s on the scale. That has been a goal of ours for the past 6 months. Haley has lost over 50 pounds and we’re aiming to lose another 40 by summer. Not only has Haley lost weight, but she’s doing things physically that she’s never been able to do, such as running 2 miles straight and deadlifting over 100 pounds.

Her progress is truly inspiring and I am beyond grateful to be a part of this sweet girls journey.

If you would like an opportunity to see how we can help you reach your health & fitness goals, please use this link to schedule your Free Consultation with Austyn!

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