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I want to take a second and applaud this man because he inspired me today.

Hit Letchworth today with my client and good friend, Joe. We hiked over 7 miles, most of it up steep hills with soft soil that was slipping out from under us as we’re trying to climb. I also may have added in a few unnecessary hill sprints along the way. By a few, I mean lot, lol.

Joe turned 53 this September. He kept up and did everything I did, without a single complaint. His exact words were “I couldn’t have done this 10 years ago”. The fact that he is in his 50s and feeling at his best, is what inspires me to continue to push myself as the years go on.

I got into fitness for vanity purposes, as most of us do, but I continue to push so that I can be bad ass like Joe, when I’m in my 50’s, 60’s, and on, God willing.

Props to you brotha 👏 Thank you for hanging today.

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